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Castles Made of Sand

Michel de Broin

Michel de Broin Castle EVM

Castles Made of Sand is a site-specific installation conceived to be temporarily installed in a small office space located near the top of a skyscraper in downtown Toronto.

The installation functions as a production line that casts sand castles, dispatches them for a journey along a conveyor belt, and eventually sends them forward to crumble.

The sand is then collected and recycled to create a new castle. This cyclical construction and destruction of the castle is set to the relative position of the moon in the sky as it influences the tides.

Commissioned by BMO Toronto

year 2015
categorie Installation
media 3D model
dimensions Variable dimensions
credit Curator, BMO Corporate Art Collection: Dawn Cain 

Curatorial associate, BMO Corporate Art Collection: Elisa Coish 

Mechanic: Jérôme Roy 

Assistants: Matthew Palmer, Fred Monast & Pascal Dufaux
Programming, electronic: Antonio Bacichetti & Samuel Saint-Aubin
Electricity: H.M.B. Controls Ltd.
Consultants: Luc Doyon & Pierre Fournier
ASCO Numatics: Cristian Costea
Toque Innovations: Jonathan Killing
Generique design: Sebastien Dallaire
Installation assistant: Brian Gravestock & Dustin Baldwin
5th BIAN, Arsenal Contemporary Art, Montreal
METAMORPHOSIS 2020, Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal (Virtual Exhibition)
4th BIAN, Arsenal Contemporary Art, Montreal
url https://micheldebroin.org/en/works/castles-made-of-sand/
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