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Free from
the constraints
of the real

The Elektra Virtual Museum (EVM) offers you a unique 3D immersive experience, which goes even further than the virtual tours already offered by ELEKTRA.


Here, architecture is freed from the constraints of the real world, from the calculation of forces, from the scarcity of materials. The absence of technical and physical constraints allowed us to concentrate on aesthetic and purely formal research. Between dream and reality, the Elektra Virtual Museum and its programming are constantly reinvented.

We wanted to achieve a high level of architectural complexity and produce a form that, in a way, resembles those of nature, is bio-morphic, an organic form, with curves and diffracted volumes inspired by blob architecture.

The EVM offers you a unique 3D immersive experience, which goes even further than the virtual tours already offered by ELEKTRA. Discover works of art that exist in the real world specially modelled and adapted for display in this 3D museum space. An unusual architecture that is itself part of the singular experience you will live. Get ready to live a polymorphic, cognitive, immersive, visual, and sound experience.

About EVM

The Elektra Virtual Museum (EVM) goes far beyond the traditional definition of a museum, as it is accessible everywhere, by everyone. By building this museum, ELEKTRA aims to share its 20 years of expertise in the field of media arts and offer visitors a unique experience.

Its vocation is to encourage and promote research and contemporary creation, to support artists from here and elsewhere, as well as to democratize access to digital arts.

(Pavilions 1 - 2)

Metamorphosis Metaverse

Jun, 2022
Jun, 2023

The Elektra Virtual Museum opens its doors in 2022 with a major exhibition:

METAMORPHOSIS METAVERSE. This exhibition will take place in 3 phases and each of them will take place in a new pavilion, created and unveiled especially for the occasion. The exhibition will be accessible in its entirety until June 2023, free of charge and in an unlimited way.

You will discover the works of Quebec, Canadian and international artists. Audiovisual and robotic installations, photographs and videos, these works that exist in physical space have been specially adapted for diffusion in the 3D digital space of our museum.

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A versatile place where you can see exhibitions and works in their entirety, but also learn more about contemporary digital art and its artists. An outstanding Museum that offers you a chance to wander in a virtual 3D space, in the very heart of an evolving architecture.