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Philippe Internoscia holds an MFA from Concordia University. He lives in Montreal, but is constantly seeking to question and confront his practices with others.

Philippe Internoscia

It is in this spirit that he has participated in artist residencies in Germany and Japan and has exhibited his work in Brazil and the United Kingdom. In Canada, he has presented his work in Montreal, notably at Arsenal Contemporary Art as part of the 2016 International Digital Arts Biennial (BIAN). More recently, he was welcomed in residence in Gatineau at DAÏMÔN center, then at AXENÉO7. In 2021, he was awarded the Canada Council for the Arts' Explore and Create / Research and Creation grant and the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec's Creation grant.

Philippe Internoscia

Philippe Internoscia's works are a reflection of his questioning of the alternatives offered by reality. Internoscia navigates between a dreamlike ideal and a more banal reality. His creations use environments and fantasized figures to exploit the potential of physical and computer 3D spaces to the maximum. He enjoys diverting icons or everyday objects stretching their possibilities and exploring the borders of surrealism.

Also, by inserting humor or, for example, references to queer culture in his works, Internoscia does not impose anything, but instead invites his audience to question in turn the reciprocal hold that reality and the subject have on each other.

01 Jun 2022 - 01 Jun 2023

Metamorphosis Metaverse
Pavilion 2