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(Pavilions 1 - 2) Metamorphosis Metaverse

Starts Jun, 2022

Ends Jun, 2023

Wander through the museum and enjoy an immersive experience as you discover its various buildings.

Visit Pavilions 1 and 2 and their vast exhibition spaces on several levels, in which we present 29 works by 21 artists.

It is under the theme - METAMORPHOSIS - that Elektra begins a cycle of exhibitions, focused on this encounter with artists and cultural institutions of the Asia Pacific region, with this anchor point that is metamorphosis. A transformation that we want to have a positive impact on our way of life by capitalizing on the specificities of digital technology in order to increase the knowledge and the contact points of the populations.


By taking up the curatorial process put in place during the exhibition co-presented in Seoul in 2020 at the Hyundai Motorstudio with Ms. DooEun Choi, also guest curator of our 5th Biennale, we have demonstrated that it is possible to give the public access to high quality works combining international and local artists, while taking into account the constraints imposed by this global context. 2022 also marks our expansion into the digital space with the creation of our virtual museum, the EVM - Elektra Virtual Museum. As a continuation of our 5th Biennial, a series of three exhibitions under the theme

METAMORPHOSIS METAVERSE will be showcased until February 2023. This project is a first step towards renewing the visitor experience while increasing international access to the work of artists working with digital creation tools. This exceptional period obviously affects us all. For Elektra, it is essential to demonstrate that our practice in contemporary digital art can withstand the obstacles in order to offer artists hybrid avenues of monstration, both in person and digitally, and to offer the public an opportunity to encounter current art.

Word of the curators


What kind of individual or societal transformations has been requested by the global pandemic?

METAMORPHOSIS refers to the classic Book of Changes (I Ching) and proposes that today, one of the fundamental effects of constant change is to broaden our understanding of the relationship between human, nature, and technology. According to the Book of Changes, human society is in constant transformation, and everything is subject to change; yet at the same time there is a core that never changes. By understanding this core profoundly, it is, therefore, possible to foresee the future. During the pandemic, the notion of mediated spaces has been dramatically expanded and led us to reflect critically upon long-held norms, behaviors, and patterns.

METAMORPHOSIS: METAVERSE searches for meaningful core by revisiting the mediated spaces to encourage diverse discussions about augmented life in an age of uncertainty. It explores the symbiosis between the material and the immaterial, and the physical and the virtual, with selected artworks that creates new ways of experiences in the metaverse, exploring territories beyond the range of normal human sensibilities.

Co-Curators: DooEun Choi & Alain Thibault

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A versatile place where you can see exhibitions and works in their entirety, but also learn more about contemporary digital art and its artists. An outstanding Museum that offers you a chance to wander in a virtual 3D space, in the very heart of an evolving architecture.