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In Transition

Chun Hua Catherine Dong

In Transition Catherine Dong EVM

In Transition is a hyperreal vision of our near future, exploring how humans and robots coexist and bind together with one destiny.

While our societies continue struggling with modernity, and questions of “Where are we?” and “Where are we going?” still have not been fully answered yet, the human-robot coexistence demonstrates not only a profound challenge in modern civilization, but also a fundamental transition in our global future. Through performative gestures and expressions, this work provides an alternative perspective for a better understanding of ourselves, our bodies, our emotions, our responsibilities, and our relations with non-human others.

In Transition also raises questions about binary system, about how to challenge boundaries of self/other, culture/nature, and human/machine, moving beyond traditional gender, feminism, and politics, creating a new social relation that expands and amplifies humanity. The original physical artwork consits of 15 photographs, a video and an installation.

Year 2018
Category Installation
Media Prints
Dimensions Variable dimensions
Credit Robot: Bill Vorn
Human Learning / What machines teach us, Canadian Cultural Center, Paris
URL https://chunhuacatherinedong.com/portfolio/in-transition/
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