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Lu Yang

DOKU-human Lu Yang EVM

Doku is Lu Yang’s latest nonbinary avatar named after the phrase, “Dokusho Dokushi”, meaning “We are born alone, and we die alone.”

The central question is whether our lives in the digital realm - made so acutely apparent during the pandemic - have undermined or replaced ancient religious ideologies. Lu Yang bypasses meditation or more conventional means of improving karma and goes directly to the assistance of scientists and technicians to find new ways to keep the cycle of life going in cyberspace.

To create a life-like digital post-human, Lu Yang collaborates with a team of scientists, 3D animators, and digital technicians using motion capture, detailing the features of her face and facial expressions so that the avatar, Doku, looks remarkably like its creator. Body movements are also generated through the motion capture of dancers and musicians, providing Doku with a perfect androgynous body.

date 2021
category Video
media HD video
Stereo audio
dimensions Variable dimensions
duration 3'30
5th BIAN, Arsenal art contemporain, Montreal
credit Music: P*Light
Dance motion capture data: kEnkEn
Facial captured: FACEGOOD
Facial motion capture data: Dewa Putu Selamat Raharja
Special thanks: BMW Art Journey
url http://luyang.asia/2021/06/12/doku-human/
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