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Latent Space Interpolation

Tesfaldet Snelgrove

Latent Space Interpolation EVM

For their scientific article, Fourier-CPPNs for Image Synthesis, the two artists invented a new algorithm to generate images based on recent artificial intelligence techniques.

This algorithm moves between its idea of each of the artists’ portraits via the uncharted territory in between. Of the infinite ways to transition between these images,

the route taken hints at the algorithm’s normally invisible internal structures and biases, providing new intuitions on its capacities, and new aesthetic directions to explore.

year 2019
category Video
media Video loop
2000 x 2000 px
60 fps
dimensions Variable dimensions
duration 0'27
METAMORPHOSIS 2020, Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal (Virtual Exhibition)
Human Learning / What machines teach us, Canadian Cultural Center, Paris
url https://www.elektramontreal.ca/metamophosis-snelgrove-tesfaldet
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