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Soul Shift

Justine Emard

Soul Shift Justine Emard EVM

Justine Emard’s film Soul Shift is the promise of a possible meeting with an earlier version of oneself.

Alter is a humanoid robot that awakens to the world when someone activates it. Its singularity lies in its movements, which no human has ever experienced before since they are created with extreme precision by an artificial intelligence. Sensors provide information to its neural network based on which it invents gestures within the constraints of its limbs. When Alter discovers its lookalike yet inactive robot, the memory or “spirit” of Alter 1 is transferred to Alter 2, reminding a form of reincarnation, but without flesh.

Face to face, the active Alter appears intrigued by the inertia of this other from which he came, to the point of approaching it in a movement of recognition and affection.

Text by Dominique Moulon, translated from French.

Year 2018
Category Video
Media HD video
Stereo audio
Duration 6'20
5th BIAN, Arsenal art contemporain, Montreal, Hyundai Motor Studio
Seoul - Metamorphosis, Vol. 1, Human Learning / What Machines Teach Us, Canadian Cultural Center, Paris
credit With Alter and Alter 2 (developed by Ishiguro's laboratory, Osaka University and Takashi Ikegami, Tokyo University)
Audio: Keiichiro Shibuya
URL https://justineemard.com/soul-shift-2/
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