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Herman Kolgen

LifeFORM Herman Kolgen EVM

Constraints and transformations go hand in hand in this world where human beings, caught between the infinitely large and the infinitely small, remain connected to everything.

Ironically, the ongoing global pandemic triggered by covid-19 bitterly forces the entire human society to evoke this ignored axiom again, which becomes the inspirational igniter of this work. Based on this observation and the chain reactions imposed on us by this context,  LifeFORM explores the “humble position” we occupy between the visible and the invisible, defined by our interdependence on all forms of life.

Thus, subjected to both biological and genetic random mutations, to temporal and geographical conditions, our species has no choice to metamorphose and innovate.

Year 2020
Category Video
Media Video 3240 x 1080 px
Stereo audio
Dimensions Variable dimensions
Duration 8'00
Support Paradise Art Space - Paradise City
Credit Curator: Jay Bang
Producer: DooEun Choi
5th BIAN, Arsenal art contemporain, Montreal
Hyundai Motor Studio, Seoul - Vol.2, Inscape - Paradise City
URL http://kolgen.net/nuevo/lifeform/
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